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We appreciate any and all money donated to us. This will help us continue to do what we love to do most: make music :). Thank you! If you are seeing this during a live show with us, request a song!


the dt’s (David Cacciatore & Tom Losito), defy being put aside and revere the fact that they each play an array of different instruments from guitar, bass, drums, and even piano. After first meeting at a local bar’s open mic, the duo performed together over the years, touring the US before establishing themselves as the dt’s in early 2020.

The duo was born out of an absolute itching to start fresh and began to collaborate, write, and record their music at their home studios. Snag any of their live performances and you’ll uncover them shifting harmoniously from rock to blues, to power pop, to you name it. Their modern pop approach and a wide array of vintage influences are key in their collective and individual songwriting skills. The duo is not afraid to experiment all while incorporating their love of harmonies. Their debut EP “You With Me” was released in early 2022 to local and regional acclaim along with the single “Refresh” in late 2022. 

“All In My Head” heartfelt lyrics explore the challenges of forming genuine connections in today’s society. A driving rhythmic section and layers of vocal harmonies reminiscent of Brit/modern pop disguise the self-doubting lyrics.

"the dt's Live at Lakehouse Studios" is the latest release from the band. The live EP captures the power of the dt's in their full band setting and the captivating interpretations of their songs that they bring to a full band show.